Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Savannah

Chiropractic Savannah GA Hyperbaric Chamber

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is also known as mild HBOT.

How does HBOT work in Savannah?

Chiropractic Savannah GA Hyperbaric Chamber Gage

The increased pressure of a Hyperbaric chamber in Savannah allows the blood plasma and other liquids of the body to absorb additional oxygen thus greatly increasing oxygen uptake by the cells, tissues, glands, organs, brain, and fluids of the body. The resulting uptake of oxygen allows for increased circulation to areas with swelling or inflammation. At the same time, the increased pressure decreases swelling and inflammation.

Oxygen is then utilized by the body for vital cell functions. Healthier cells create healthier tissues and organs. The human body is capable of healing itself when it has what it needs. This sounds simple mostly because it is. The science of this process is rooted in two long-proven laws, Boyle’s Law and Henry’s Law.

HBOT and Special needs

Hyperbaric works for typical and special needs individuals. That is why you have professional athletes using it to heal and repair;

We work daily with children on the spectrum.

The biggest improvements that we see for those using just the mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber is improved speech and increased scope of speech. We often have children who are non-verbal begin to speak just have two sessions. Just imagine how much more rewarding speech therapy will be when combined with HBOT treatments.

Other common improvements for Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with autism patients

  • Improved Sleep (length of sleep and staying asleep)
  • less stimming or elimination of stimming behaviors
  • more calm and cooperative

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