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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Living with pain is a very hard way to get through each day. Dr. Ranicki is here to help and revolutionize the way you currently feel. His job as a Doctor of Chiropractic in Pooler is NOT to mask pain through medication or shots, instead, it is to get to the root of the problem. Pain is simply a message being carried from the spinal cord to the brain that something is wrong with a nerve or muscle, anywhere throughout the body.

Medications only work to mask the signal, including over-the-counter or prescription pain reducers. They can actually cause more damage because you will feel better but your body never corrected the problem. If you have back pain and take medication, it will dull the signal. You will feel better and probably keep doing the things that caused the problem in the first place or will just irritate it. Once the medication wears off, you are in the same position, and most likely worse.

On the other hand, Dr. Ranicki will be able to find the problem by exams and x-ray. See the CoreScore page for the level of technology we use for exams. Once detected and discussed during Test Results, Dr. Ranicki will begin adjusting you. His adjustments create specific and deliberate changes to the spine, not the "crack, crack, pop, pop" that some people perceive as chiropractic. Dr. Ranicki will also help you to make lifestyle changes that, too, contribute to pain and problems.

Natural Care In Pooler

Here is a great example: We have a patient who started care because of the frequency and depth of migraines (daily and severe). Her "traditional" doctor had her on two migraine medications and recommended drinking heavily caffeinated sodas to help when a migraine began. Beyond adjusting the patient and making it so she only has had 2 migraines (just 3 weeks into care), Dr. Ranicki has given her food changes and other biochemical changes to incorporate. Her "traditional" doctor failed to see that the dyes in caffeinated beverages trigger migraines, he just thought about the caffeine content. Dr. Ranicki caught this mistake, as he is much more than just a chiropractor, he is your healthcare coach.

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