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Philosophy of Health - Why natural health

The human body is self-healing and self-regulating with an inner intelligence that knows perfectly what is best for your body at every moment. This power or innate intelligence maintains the body in existence, constantly adapting it to the environment without any external aid or need for it. The Innate Intelligence (our higher intelligence) of the body communicates throughout the nervous system. Health is not the absence of disease or merely the feeling of well-being. Health is measured in terms of function; primarily the function of the nervous system. Through the nervous system, the innate intelligence of the body controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the body.

A subluxation is a disruption or interference to this communication. To interfere with the control center is to interfere with health and life. The chiropractic adjustment in Pooler allows change and upgrades in the nervous system ensuring optimal communication and function.

Purpose of Chiropractic Care in Pooler

Someone who is well-adjusted will live a life filled with possibilities and potential. They tend to be the very best they can be spiritually, mentally, and physically. A well-adjusted life is one filled with greater function and performance. Additionally, through education, we empower you to make healthcare and lifestyle decisions that are ultimately life-enhancing and life-saving.


To have the community educated on the innate principles of the body and aware of the benefits of a body working in harmony with its innate intelligence. I see those people within my community, who are committed to their health and quality of life, bringing their whole family for care in my office or the offices of other wellness-centered Chiropractors in the Pooler area.


It is our mission, through Ranicki Chiropractic Wellness Center, to provide pure, unadulterated chiropractic care to people from the beginning of life, not from the beginning of symptoms, so that the life-limiting effects of vertebral subluxation are not a dominant and dominating influence in our futures. Subluxation affects and limits the potential of life even before conception, therefore special attention is to be paid to future parents, expecting parents, and children at as early an age as they can be reached.

"There has never been a better time for Chiropractic in our world."

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