Corporate Massage Day and Lunch and Learn in Pooler

Chiropractic Pooler GA Corporate Massage

Book a Massage Day or Lunch and Learn for your office or event! Pamper your staff or participants (minimum of 25 people in the office) with a 10-minute chair massage or lunch catered in with an informational health topic. Ranicki Chiropractic provides these services to companies and events for no cost.

We are a part of a non-profit organization called Doctors for Health and Wellness and as the local chapter, we are required to donate at least 60 hours of volunteer services per quarter. We do that by donating a massage therapist to your company or event to provide free chair massages or catering in lunch for your staff and bringing in Dr. Ranicki to provide an informational health talk.

Questions or want to book your Massage Day or Lunch and Learn? Fill out the form below or call (912) 376-1506.

8:00am - 6:00pm

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