DC for Principled, Wellness, Fast-Paced, High-PVA office in Pooler, GA

Chiropractic Pooler GA Outside of Building

This job is located in Pooler, GA, a suburb of Savannah. We are accepting applicants from other areas who are willing to relocate.

Who: New graduates and experienced providers welcome to apply. I am looking for a doctor with the willingness and desire to learn to be an amazing adjuster, and willingness and desire to help patients live a wellness-lifestyle.

We are a high volume, high retention, high integrity, 100% cash, wellness practice, heavy on the nerve component of the subluxation.
Care for and educate patients on living innately, document, and go home. That’s it! No hiring, firing, managing employees, marketing (unless you want to), selling, or anything other than becoming/being the world-class doctor you were born to be.

Monday-Thursday, 4-day 40-hour work week
Want to learn all of the business stuff too? I am happy to teach you that as well once you have a really good handle on being an above average clinician.

I have run a 100% cash practice for 20 years with large care plans and patient retention rates 8 times higher than the industry average (100+ PVA). I have trained my other associates to be able to reproduce that same retention.

Our patients repeatedly comment that our patient education is what they love most about being cared for here.

We are seeing 225 (+/-10) patient visits per week and need another set of hands to take the practice to the next level and then into the next location.

You won’t be stuck in some satellite office all by yourself with the hopes that you will just ‘figure it out’. You will have extensive mentoring in everything from the initial exam, x-ray analysis, creating care plans that you feel confident in, adjusting with certainty and how to get the unresponsive patient back on track again. If you have a patient that you don’t know what else to do for, we are right here in the office with you to put another set of eyes on it and give you the tools to get them well.

You would be very hard pressed to find someone that can train you to be a better adjustor, trouble-shooter, educator and practice builder. It is a passion of mine to help fellow chiropractor succeed, whether in my own office or anywhere else. We grow as profession when we help each other out.

We have an above average compensation plan for our doctors but knowing what I know now after 23 years in practice, company culture and my opportunity to learn would be my top priorities in looking for a position in a practice.

Here is what my last two Adjusting Doctors has to say about their experience working here:

"I have had the pleasure of working at Ranicki Chiropractic for about 3 years now. In my time here I have learned more about chiropractic, patient care and retention and how to run a successful business than all my years spent in chiropractic college. As the adjusting doctor I have been able to watch as patients have gotten out of pain, made lifestyle changes and truly become all around healthier people. The work environment is great, and all employees work together as a team to run the best chiropractic office in Savannah." – M.E.

"Dr. Ranicki is an exceptional mentor that operates a successful high volume practice with a low-stress atmosphere for the associate. My experience at Ranicki Chiropractic gave me the tools required to thrive in my own private practice following my associateship. I recommend this position for anyone who wants to be part of a systems oriented team that is passionate about learning how to operate a high volume, cash family wellness practice." – J.T.

Location: Savannah is one of the most beautiful parts of the country to live in; there is a vibrant art scene, the internationally recognized Savannah Film Festival, miles and miles of amazing marsh views, pristine beaches on uninhabited barrier islands, boating, fishing, tons of history, beautiful colonial streets lined with live ok trees draped in spanish moss and a low cost of living. And the locals are known for their southern hospitality. There are so many reasons that Savannah is one of the country’s top tourist destinations that you could enjoy 365 days a year.

Here is a Day in the Life of An Associate Doctor at Ranicki Chiropractic

Prep: Each morning we will start with a quick meeting to set the tone for the day, discuss any patient cases of concern, share a laugh or two and complete any prep for the day's report of findings or other exam or x-ray prep.

Patient Care: At 8 AM We will start seeing patients and you'll be kept busy all the way up until noon with a combination of adjusting, patient education and reevaluations.

Reevaluations: A staff member will generally be the one doing the actual examination procedures and testing for you, but your responsibility will be to go over the results of the reexam with the patients letting them know how they're progressing and what your recommendations are for the frequency of care until the next reevaluation.

Patient Education: Patient education is key here. Keeping them inspired and on track with following your recommendations is more than a dry report of 'this measurement means that', instead is the discussion of how the exam findings relates to what they're doing outside of the office. What can they do to make this all gets better faster. Help them to identify any habits or behaviors they have that are blocking their progress. These kinds of things are the difference between someone who gets part way through the recommendations and fizzles out versus someone who is so committed to the process that they will stay with you long after their symptoms are gone and through years of wellness care.

Wrap up tasks and additional Prep: We stop seeing patients at noon and you will take a little bit of time to wrap up any notes from the morning adjustments and exams.

Lunch: You get 90 minutes for lunch. We very much walk our talk in this practice and that includes having a no fast-food policy for our employees. Therefore, you get 90 minutes to be able to get a healthy lunch, workout a little bit, or just take some time to get your mind reset to be 100% present with the afternoon's patients.

Documentation, Notes, etc.: After lunch you will typically have about an hour to spend working on documentation. In this case we're talking more about going over notes that have been requested by other providers, attorneys, et cetera and reviewing notes that were completed by the staff on reevaluations to ensure that they are accurate and complete. We systematize and have staff complete as much of the paperwork and process as possible, so you have time for the bigger picture items for patient care.

Patient Care: At 3 PM we'll be back to seeing patients again and it will be more adjusting and going over another re-evaluation or two and continuing to provide amazing education to the patients.

New Patients: All of the new patient procedures, with the exception of your palpatory exam, are completed by the case manager. The Case Manager does consultation, part of the examination, take the x-rays. On a second follow up visit, the Case Manager reports back to the patient your findings and recommendations, discusses the financials and helps the patient to get started with care.

During the new patient appointment (Day 1), you meet with the patient, to create rapport and to complete the palpatory exam. After the x-rays are taken, you check for accuracy and speak to the patient about returning for the Report of Findings/Test Results/Day2 appointment.

Since the case manager handles the majority of the Day 1 appointment, this frees you up to be able to help and care for more patients through adjustments and patient education.

Day 2 Prep: Then at 6pm you will meet with the case manager for about 30 minutes to go over tomorrow's report of findings and make sure the case manager is fully prepared to connect the problems that you have found during the examination and the x-rays with the problems and complaints the patient is experiencing.

Other Details:
VFP (Valuable Final Product) of an Associate:

  • Develop Care Plans for patients with WELLNESS as focus
  • Provide care, services, and products that create actionable lifestyle improvement
  • Make patient Accountable for their Health
  • Provide Exceptional Results, and know when to ask for help to create these results
  • Create Educated, Healthy, Wellness-Minded Referring Patients

The Wrap Up: We hope this detailed posting helps to explain who our ideal candidate is, and what your day-to-day would like like as our Associate Doctor.

While there is much more than what was touched on, we wanted to give you a general idea of what to expect.
If this Associate position sounds like a good fit, we would love to have you a part of our team.

Application Process:

  1. Fill out the form (form should include all basic demographic info and what do you feel is a perfect fit for this position and what is your chiropractic philosophy)
  2. Upload with your Curricula Vitae (resume) to Dr@RanickiChiropractic.com along with a cover letter describing why you are absolutely the best possible candidate for the position.
  3. Complete Soft Skills and Aptitude Assessments (approx 35-40 minutes).The test will be sent after we receive the CV and letter.
  4. Zoom interview.
  5. In-person interview, additional Aptitude Assessment and team shadow day (~5 hours).

Thank you for your interest in a position at Ranicki Chiropractic. Please fill out the information below and we'll be in contact with you soon. Please be sure to check your email for future communication.

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